When he was eighteen he moved to Bogota and started to make documentaries about the country. Then he studied film in Stockholm and started up Sorgenfri Entertainment, a film collective together with some friends. The first short "I love Johan" won 1 km film at Stockholm Filmfestival 2002. Then they shot the feature film Fjorton Suger that was distributed all over Scandinavia. It went to Film Festivals like Berlin, Seattle, London and Hollywood.


Henrik has been studying cinematography at London Filmschool and been working on a documentary about the big industrial catastrophy in Bhopal starring Martin Sheen and Mischa Barton. He has been working on a feature documentary about Nelson Mandela that will be released on cinema 2014. He also works as a freelance videographer with TV-programs and documentaries for big production company such as Strix, Mastiff, Jarowskij, SVT, Meter and Eyeworks. He also produces films, documentaries and commercials in Copenhagen and Sweden.